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Vacation Rental in Talmont sur Gironde

avril 28, 2021 par alexantoine-arts

Talmont - Vacation Rental in Talmont

Talmont sur Gironde is a beautiful village located on a promontory above the Gironde estuary. It used to be a ‘closed’ town, located on a peninsula, very pleasant for walking. Best place for a vacation Rental in Talmont sur Gironde

Vacation House in Talmont sur Gironde

Talmont sur Gironde is a village located on the right bank of the Gironde estuary near the towns of Meschers sur Gironde and St Georges de Didonne. It is remarkable because it is located on a peninsula. It used to be a ‘closed’, fortified town. It is very pleasant to walk on foot in the small alleys lined with hollyhocks.

It is easy to get to Meschers sur Gironde and along the coast, then continue towards St Georges de Didonne through the forest of Suzac. You can also get to Royan by taking the ring road.

You can enjoy its typical small port overlooking the customs house, but also the Church of Ste Radegonde which dominates the Gironde estuary and its cemetery filled with hollyhocks in season.

Talmont sur Gironde is an ideal place for a relaxing holiday, but also as a starting point for visiting the Gironde estuary, and thus discovering small villages, such as Mortagne sur Gironde, or even going as far as the citadel of Blaye.

Vacation Rental in Talmont sur Gironde

Towards Meschers: Meschers is the ideal place to enjoy the calm of the estuary but also the animation of the small beaches surrounded by cliffs

In the village: For a quiet holiday, where the walks along the cliff, or along the estuary, easy to visit.

Around Arces: To enjoy vacation rentals in nature, with a distant view of the estuary and the town of Meschers

Around Barzan: To make the most of the hilly landscapes bordering the Gironde estuary, and to discover the region’s vineyards

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