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Vacation Rental in Royan

May 14, 2021 by alexantoine-arts

Royan - Find a Vacation Rental in Royan

Royan,  is a pretty little town in the southwest of France bordering the Atlantic Sea. It is located at the entrance to the Gironde estuary, and surrounded by seaside cities, best place for vacation rental in Royan.

A Vacation House in Royan

vacation rental in royan

The city of Royan is known for its long sandy beach, lined with typical and preserved houses. It is ideally located between St Palais sur Mer, St Georges de Didonne,  Meschers Sur Gironde, or even Talmont Sur Gironde.

It allows you to cross the Gironde Estuary, toward the Medoc, and even Bordeaux, and is the largest city on the beauty coast. It is a family seaside resort where there is no shortage of activities.

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You can enjoy its long beach, La Grande Conche, its activities, its daily and famous market throughout the year …

But don’t forget to stop an discover its preserved architecture, either from begininng of 20th century, or from 1950’s. You can also enjoy some family activities on the long beach, or in the port.

Last but not least, is the Cordouan lighthouse – le phare de Cordouan.

Best place for a Vacation Rental in Royan

cathedrale royan loclilala

Near Central Market: Choose the Royan market district, and enjoy all the shops nearby

Near the seafront: You will find many bars and restaurants. You will also be near the beach, and the pier, allowing you to cross La Gironde to the Verdon and Medoc area.

vacation rental in royan

The park district,  pin tree environnement, where you can enjoy the main beach, and the proximity to the city center

Near the cliffs, where you can enjoy a beautiful view and the proximity of St Georges de Didonne

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